With any All-Ireland final comes plenty of costumes, face paint and bunting.

Here at iRadio, we’ve launched the #ReverseTheCurse campaign, showing support for the Mayo boys ahead of their clash with Dublin on Sunday.

Let’s get #ReverseTheCurse trending! #MaighEoAbú #Mayo #MayoGAA

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But one Mayo fan has gone above and beyond, braiding her hair in green and red.

Kany’s tweet has been liked over 1.5 thousand times, with hundreds hoping she gets to Croke Park on Sunday.

Kany spoke to us here at iRadio and said that she fell in love with G.A.A in 2013 when she went to Castlebar to watch a match with her friend. She’s now a religious supporter, and has been to Croker on several occasions over the years, even making sure to get to both All-Ireland finals last year when it went to replay.

We asked Kany what it is about Gaelic Football that she loves so much. She told us she loves the passion, especially as the players don’t get paid. She feels it’s very special and she has fallen in love with the game.

She also said it has “stolen her heart”.

This isn’t the first time the Mayo super-fan has showed support for the lads…

Replying to someone on Twitter, Kany explains that she hasn’t dyed her hair….

Best of luck with getting a ticket, Kany! You’d be missed in Croke Park if you don’t get there!

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