You can’t beat Mum’s dinners

It comes as no surprise that ‘Meat and two veg’ tops the list of favourite meals for Irish adults.

The study which was carried out by Bord Bia and Red C looked at evening eating habits in Ireland showing chicken dishes and sauce meals come in 2nd and 3rd place.

Researchers also found that just 16 percent of people regularly indulge in a dessert and 7 in 10 Irish people use a device while eating their evening meal.

Tap water is the most common drink for children and adults while the amount of milk and wine drank at the dinner table since 2011 have dropped.

The study also shows almost 7 in 10 takeaway orders are placed online.

Surprisingly only a quarter have potatoes, while a Chinese is the most popular takeaway option.

Over a thousand people were asked as part of a new survey