It all makes sense now.

Have you been wondering why your moisturiser disappears so quickly or your jar of eyecream has a big dent in it?

You might be applying too much but it’s more likely your other half has been pinching your expensive lotions and potions.

A new survey’s found seven out of ten men steal their girlfriend’s skincare products.

The research conducted by Olay discovered 78 per cent of men don’t bother to buy their own products, preferring to “borrow” whatever’s in the bathroom.

While a fifth believe women’s products work more effectively than those aimed at men.

The study comes as the beauty brand launches an ad campaign starring a man for the first time in its history.

The research also revealed men’s beauty concerns and they’re not too unlike our own.

Wrinkles, dryness, sagging skin, thinning grey hair and being overweight were rated as the biggest bugbears.