Things are heating up!

Here’s what’s going down on tonight’s Love Island.

Danny  is torn between Yewande and Molly-Mae

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Danny has made no secret of the fact that he is interested in Yewande. However, he’s also taken a fancy to Molly-Mae, who is currently coupled up with Tommy and is also being pursued by Anton. I know – it’s hard to keep up. 

In the kitchen Danny speaks with Anton about Molly-Mae. He says “As the night went on I got chance to speak to everybody. Molly is really nice and I think we get on. I think she is a bit confused with how she feels about Tommy.”

Later that morning Danny speaks with Yewande.

Danny says “I can see something with me and you. People keep saying to me ‘What do you think of Yewande?’ and I say ‘She’s stunning’. I feel like we were both on the same page straight away.”

Yewande says “I just don’t want to feel like I’m stealing you away from anyone because I know that Molly fancies you.”

Danny says “I need to have a couple of days to figure everybody out. I don’t think I’ve clicked with anybody as much as I have clicked with you. That’s a fact and everyone can see it.”

Later on in the day, Molly-Mae says “I don’t know where my head is at all. I’m very confused. It’s lovely, I’m not saying it’s a horrible situation to be in but I need to make sure I’m not upsetting anyone but also making the right decision for me.”

While Yewande has made her feelings known that Danny is the only boy in the villa that she fancies, Molly-Mae appears undecided. What does the future hold for this love square?

Curtis and Tommy’s bromance grows

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In the bedroom Tommy asks Curtis to give him a back massage and it looks as if ballroom and Latin dancing isn’t his only talent. As Curtis gives Tommy a massage, he says “I’m not joking Tommy. Deal with it! Breathe through it. In through your nose and out through your mouth.”

Tommy jokingly says “Curtis, I can’t take no more!”

In the Beach Hut, Tommy reflected on the experience “Curtis was giving me a massive back rub in the bedroom. My ass was a bit tense so I asked him ‘Do you mind massaging the gluteal area and get some knots out my back?’ He’s good at it! My back feels 10/10.”

Michael and Amber share a kiss 

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Michael’s been playing it cool with Amber but he thinks it is a time to tell her how he truly feels. He asks Amber for a chat and the pair head to the terrace. Michael says “I am attracted to you. I’m not trying to get to know anybody else. I don’t think anybody could walk through that door that makes me nervous like you do.”

Amber says “Why? In what way?”

Michael says “I want to impress you. I get nervous around you and I don’t do that! Why am I being soft? Obviously because I’m into you!”

Michael wants to show Amber he’s interested in her and goes in for the kiss. This takes Amber by surprise and she starts giggling

Amber later reflects in the Beach Hut and says “He tried to kiss me and I pied him off a little bit! I wasn’t prepared and I was a bit nervous. I’d been drinking cola so my breath wasn’t the nicest thing in the world.”

Amber has a debrief with Anna and Yewande and tells the girls that she has just pied Michael after he tried to kiss her. Knowing that Amber likes Michael, Anna asks her why she didn’t kiss him.

Amber says “My breath. I wanted to be fresh!”

Amber feels guilty about not kissing Michael and later that evening the pair chat on the day beds.

Amber says “Basically, I wasn’t prepared earlier. I’m more prepared now” and right there and then, Amber and Michael share their first kiss. Cute!

Curtis asks Amy to be his ‘half-girlfriend’

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Nope, we didn’t know that was a thing either. 

In tonight’s episode, Tommy receives a text which reads “Islanders. The Hideaway is open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night alone. #dontbeshy #alonetime.”

The Islanders immediately decide that Curtis and Amy should be the couple to spend the night in the Hideaway and before heading in there, Amy decides to get the sexy PJs out – “It’s day nine and the sexy PJs are out to go to the Hideaway with Curtis. I’m just really excited. I didn’t think it would happen this early.”

Curtis and Amy get into the hot tub and Curtis jokingly asks Amy “Will you be my half-girlfriend?”. Amy laughs and agrees but says “We’ll refer to each other as other-halves until one day we’ll potentially use the ‘B’ and ‘G’ words.”

Curtis adds “Just so you know, I am planning on doing that.”

Lucie and Joe go for a paddle date

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Lucie receives a text that reads – “Lucie and Joe. It’s time to make waves as you head out on your first date. #wetandwild #getbreadynow”

Joe and Lucie head out on their date and arrive at a small cove to find a paddle board. Lucie is thrilled to be back in the water but Joe is more apprehensive. After making waves on the water the pair relax and reflect on their time in the villa. Joe says “Obviously, we had a bit of a rocky start. But I’m super happy with where we are at.”

Lucie replies “It’s kind of a good thing that it happened. It showed that we can deal with stuff like that and maybe it’s made us a bit stronger?”