Plus one boy will leave the villa tonight.

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Molly-Mae Dates Tommy And Curtis

Last night, the public chose Tommy to go on a date in the Hideaway with new arrival Molly-Mae. As Tommy arrives in the Hideaway the pair introduce themselves and Tommy joins Molly-Mae in the hot tub. Sparks fly immediately between the pair as Molly-Mae says “Your eyes are amazing.”

Tommy replies “Likewise. You are…amazing! Looking at you now, you’re 100% my type.”

He continues, “You’re literally my ideal women. You’re a gym girl. You’re beautiful.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae seem to be hitting it off but it’s not long before Molly-Mae receives a text about her second date and she sends Tommy back to the villa to inform the boy she has chosen that he should now head to the Hideaway.

Tommy returns to the villa and heads to the fire pit for a debrief with the boys – “She’s taking another date and guess who she wants? Curtis…you’re up. Go get yourself ready bro.”

How will Amy react to the new arrival taking a fancy to Curtis? And how will Curtis get on with Molly-Mae on the date?

Sherif Tries To Win Back Anna

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Sherif asks Anna for a chat on tonights episode telling her “I do want to persevere with you and I really like you.”

The pair laugh and Anna jokes, “Do you get jealous?”

Sherif says “I do get jealous. I’m not going to lie. I like you.”

Anna reflects on their chat in the Beach Hut and says “I like that he likes me because maybe we can put in more effort and see if it goes anywhere. But at the same time, I don’t want him to because I’m scared that if it doesn’t go anywhere, he might be upset.”

The Islanders React To Molly-Mae’s Arrival

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Following Tommy’s date with Molly-Mae, Lucie is keen to know where his head is at. She says “Obviously, I do like you but I do need to accept that you’re going to get to know the new girl. If you fancy her, it’s fine.”

Tommy asks her “Has it made you feel any different?”

Lucie replies “Yes. It’s made me feel a little bit jealous.”

Meanwhile, Joe sees Molly-Mae’s arrival as an opportunity to get things back on track with Lucie and he tells the islanders “If something blossoms between Molly-Mae and Tommy and then I get a chance again for me and Lucie to carry on without any distractions then obviously I’ll be buzzing.”

Elsewhere, Anton and Callum also join the race for Molly-Mae’s affections. Anton says “Operation Double A has been cancelled. Now we’re going for Operation MMA and it’s well and truly underway” while Callum and Molly-Mae sit by the pool and get to know each other. 

With the first recoupling happening tonight, who will Molly-Mae pick? 

The First Recoupling

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As the recoupling looms, Lucie is still torn between Joe and Tommy and talks about the dilemma with Curtis.

She says “Do you know what? I’m very torn between both of them because I see really good points in both of them. I don’t know what to do.”

Both Joe and Anton worry about being the only single lads in the villa while Callum is also feeling the heat about tonight’s events as he isn’t in a romantic couple. 

Who will stay and who will go? We’ll find out when Love Island airs on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.