“It is about the size of a football”

One of the world’s largest lunar meteorites is going to auction in the London, valued at £2 million (€2.3million).

The 13.5kg moon rock is said to have been found in the Sahara desert after a collision between the moon and an asteroid.

Reuters.com reported that the rock which is known as NWA 12691, is the fifth largest lunar meteorite found on earth.

Head of science and natural history at Christie’s auction, James Hyslop said: “The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you never forget,”

“It is an actual piece of the moon. It is about the size of a football, a bit more oblong than that, larger than your head.”

“In the 1960s and 1970s the Apollo programme brought back about 400 kilograms of moon rock with them and scientists have been able to analyse the chemical and isotopic compositions of those rocks and they have determined that they match certain meteorites,”