Our spending habits have been laid bare.

The most charitable county in Ireland is Clare.

A study by AIB has broken down the amount of money leaving an account by county, with people in Longford less likely to give money to causes.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Dublin has topped the list in relation to spends on eating out and getting takeaways, while people in Monaghan spend the least amount of money on meals in restaurants.

Meanwhile, Wicklow has the biggest outgoings on grocery shopping.

The survey also found that Irish women spend more than twice the amount as men on clothes each month.

Women shell out €119 on clothes a month but men don’t go over 60 quid.

People in Louth make 23 per cent of their purchases online, while people in Laois bought the least on the internet with 19 per cent.

The average Irish person spends €12 a month on subscriptions.