There’s also a county-by-county breakdown.

Amazing data published by google has shown the incredible drop in movement from countries the world over, as governments tackle the Covid-19 spread.

The data was gathered from people’s smartphones to help public health officials understand how people’s movements have changed under movement restriction measures.

The data, which includes data from every county in Ireland, allows officials to determine whether the measures are working or not.

It covers six categories: Retail and recreation, grocery and pharmacy, parks, transit stations, workplaces and residential.

In Ireland, it shows mobility trends in retail and recreation across Ireland are down 81%, while trends for parks are down 59%.

Meanwhile, transit stations are down 78% across the country and work places are down 52%.

“As global communities respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing emphasis on public health strategies, like social distancing measures, to slow the rate of transmission,” Google stated.

“In Google Maps, we use aggregated, anonymised data showing how busy certain types of places are — helping identify when a local business tends to be the most crowded. We have heard from public health officials that this same type of aggregated, anonymised data could be helpful as they make critical decisions to combat Covid-19.”

You can visit the page here and see how much your county has reduced it’s activity.