A stay-at-home mum from Brisbane in Australia has earned herself a small fortune simply by renting out dresses from her wardrobe.

Yannick James is a mum-of-three and has made over $20,000AUD (€12.4K) in the 18 months she’s been renting out her own personal designer dresses.

Ms James said the idea came to her when she spotted a designer dress she really wanted to purchase, but couldn’t justify the price tag.

But she went ahead and bought it, and fair to say it’s really paid off in a big way.

“I really love Zimmerman but I just was finding it harder with being a mum and staying at home, justifying buying a dress just because I liked it for like $650,” Yannick told website Kidspot.

“I thought, oh well I could see people were doing this, you could have your own closet online and rent it out.”

Following the success of that very first Zimmerman dress, Yannick began to collect more and more dresses.

She now has 39 dresses listed on designer dress hire site, The Volte, and is continuing to earn an income while spending time with her kids.

Not a bad side racket!