Tributes have been pouring in from every corner of the globe for one of the most creative, most loved, and most listened to artists of all time. The death of David Bowie has shocked the world and had music lovers the world over grabbing their favourite tunes from his vast collection.

Renowned DJ Skratch Bastid put together his own tribute earlier today, when he made a cool 2 minute video where he cuts, scratches and mixes the Bowie hit ‘Let’s Dance’. This is so cool. Over 4 million views and counting….

RIP David Bowie.Late night in the studio… took a break from working on a new mix to check my feeds… only to find it flooded with news that the legendary David Bowie has passed. Lots can be said & written to eulogize prolific artists like him, but I think the most appropriate way for a DJ to celebrate my favourite artists is by sharing their music. So how about a little routine? 1983's "Let's Dance" was produced by David himself & Nile Rodgers (from Chic, recently featured on Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'), and was Bowie's biggest song to date, 20 years into his career. The guy never stopped creating — he stayed recording and collaborating with artists like Arcade Fire & LCD Soundsystem over the last decade, and even put out an album two days ago, before his untimely passing. If that's not motivation as an artist, I don't know what is. So this one's for you, David — a tribute, just having some fun with a dancefloor smash that has always been a favourite to double copies of while keeping people moving. Don't mind the smilin', I can't help it. Rest easy…#GoProMusic

Posted by Skratch Bastid on Monday, 11 January 2016