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Anyone can be entitled to tax back”

When it comes to taxes most people haven’t a clue what they are owed or how to claim back their tax.

The Hub on iRadio spoke to Managing Director of, Gary O’Brien about how to claim back your tax.

Gary told Louise Clarke that anyone that works in Ireland is eligible to claim their tax.

He said:

“It doesn’t matter what you do or what industry you are in. Anyone can be entitled to tax back”

Claiming your tax back is simple and can be done via your account.

How your tax back is calculated in unique to everyone depending on how much they earn each year.

Gary says how the one of the biggest mistakes with claiming back tax is that most people don’t know what they are entitled to.

One piece of advice that Gary gives if for people that are married.

He said:

“People who are married but are taxed separately – it’s generally much more tax efficient to be taxed together”  

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