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Ever wonder why you can nap so easily?

Well, according to science it could all boil down to your genetics.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US have actually found that some people are actually born to nap, reports

The study looked at genetic information from 452,633 people. That information was analysed by scientists.

They also asked the participants how often they napped on a daily basis – never/rarely, sometimes or usually. Some also wore activity monitors for a more accurate report.

After that, a genome-wide association study was carried out to identify genetic variations associated with napping. That identified 123 regions in the human genome associated with having a sleep during the day.

Researchers on this also looked at three napping mechanisms. The first two were nicknamed “disrupted sleep” and “early morning awakening” and refer to people who nap because they haven’t had enough sleep the night before or because they get up very early.

However, there is a third mechanism which showed that others simply need more sleep.

Dr Hassan Dashti who worked on this study said:

“This tells us that daytime napping is biologically driven and not just an environmental or behavioural choice.”

There ya have it!