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The AO Show’s search for Ireland’s National Treasure 2018

We’ve launched the AO Show search for Ireland’s National Treasure.  Each week, two well-known Irish national treasures will go head to head and it’s up to you to vote for your favourite person. Follow our hashtag #AOShowNationalTreasure on   Twitter  and Instagram.

The Winner of the AO Show National Treasure for 2018 is Mr Niall Horan!

Congratulations to Niall Horan who beat the other three finalists, Katie Taylor, Brian O’Driscoll and Bosco to claim this coveted crown.


The 4th Quarter Final winner is Niall Horan with 62% of the vote!


Unsure of who to vote for? Check out what these people have to say

The 3nd Quarter Final winner is Bosco with 62% of the vote!


Congrats to Bosco. Here is what the public has to say when asked who they would vote for.

The 2nd Quarter Final winner is Brian O’Driscoll

Well done to Brian O’Driscoll who got over 73% of the vote against 27% for Liam Neeson.Brian  is the second person through to the grand finale which will take place in just a few weeks time.


Who are the contenders?

Katie Taylor,  Niall Horan, Bosco, Liam Neeson, Brian O’Driscoll, Gay Byrne and Tommy Tiernan and Daniel O’Donnell have made it through the first round of voting.

The 1st Quarter final winner is  Katie Taylor!

Well done to Katie Taylor who got 52% of the vote against 48% for Liam Neeson. Katie is our first person through to the grand finale which will take place in 4 weeks time.



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The Week 8 winner of Battle of the Gents is Daniel O’Donnell!



The Week 7 winner in ‘Legends of Laughter’ (LOL) is Tommy Tiernan

Congrats to Tommy who is the winner with over 56% of the vote. 



The Week 6 winner in ‘Battle of the Legendary Showmen’ is Gay Byrne!

Gay Byrne has scooped up an impressive win with over 81% of the vote. Wow!

Before you cast your vote check out what Aidan and Oonagh from the AO Show think of these two legendary showmen.


Week 5 Winner. Legendary Irish Captains.

Brian O’Driscoll won the battle of the ‘Legendary Irish Captains’ cleaning up with over 75% of the vote!


Unsure who to vote for? Check out what Aidan and Oonagh from the AO show have to say about this week’s contenders


Week 4 winner of the big screen big fellas.

Congrats to Liam Neeson who has won week 4 of the AO Show’s search to find Ireland’s National Treasure with 54% of the vote!

Week 4 saw the battle of the big screen big fellas, Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson. Check out this video from Aidan and Oonagh who are also finding it difficult to know which legend they will vote for!



WEEK 3 winner is Bosco!

Congrats to Bosco who is through to the next round having beaten Dustin with over 68%of the vote!





Listen back to Dustin The Turkey and Bosco who threw some SERIOUS shade at each other on the #AOshow on Thursday.


Before you cast your vote, check out which muppet/puppet Aidan and Oonagh reckon you should vote for and why.


Still unsure? Hear Aidan and Oonagh’s impassioned speeches on the #AOshow this morning. 



Week 2 winner.

The winner of week two of voting is Katie Taylor who beat off Conor McGregor with 67% of the vote!

Week Two; Clash of the heavyweights

This week it’s a battle between two of Ireland’s greatest combat sports stars. In the red corner she is pound for pound our most decorated boxing champion, it’s Katie Taylor! And in the blue corner you may love him, you may hate him, but you cannot ignore the champ champ, it’s Conor McGregor!


Week One winner

Update; So Niall Horan is the first contender through to the quarter finals! 65% of you chose Niall instead of Saoirse Ronan.


Week One; Battle of the under 30s

Kicking things off this week are Saoirse Ronan and Niall Horan, both household names in their own right having achieved incredible success at such a young age in their chosen fields.

Aidan and Oonagh from the AO Show made an impassioned speech for each contender. If you missed it, listen back now.

AO Show National Treasure, week one. Saoirse Ronan versus Niall Horan


Who will you vote for this week?

Will you vote for the three time Oscar nominee, Golden Globe winning  actress Saoirse Ronan?


or Mullingar’s boy-band sensation turned singer/songwriter Niall Horan?

Still unsure?

Check out the video below where Aidan and Oonagh argue over which contender should make it through to the next round! Oonagh claims that Niall is a fluent Spanish speaker and a dab hand in the kitchen!