have made the most of a bad situation.

An Irish firm whose own business was forced to shut on March 15th through COVID-19 restrictions has quickly reinvented itself and turned around the fortunes of hundreds of Ireland’s small independent traders and restaurants who were closed and unable to trade.

The owners of the new platform who have years of experience in the technology and sales sector came up with a solution for small businesses around the country who didn’t have a big presence online or web-based ordering and payment services.

They built with the single aim of getting these businesses up and running fast and most importantly, cost effectively.

Ireland’s vibrant independent businesses had to embrace change to survive and has made that easy and user-friendly . is a simple to setup solution for business owners who build a quick web-shop and operate a ‘click and collection’ service to streamline their businesses saving hours in administrative time on the phone, social media and email taking orders or using their time taking payments when they could be safely fulfilling and restocking. can have businesses up and running in 24 hours or less.

Customers of the businesses can order online, pay securely and come to the business to collect in their selected scheduled collection slots. This helps to manage any interactions and keeps everyone distanced.

Even better for the business is that the service is free of charge for the first 30 days and then only €19.99 per month thereafter. This is a monthly flat fee, no yearly commitment, no hidden charges such as percentage of sales.

Hundreds of businesses are now up and running including restaurants, cafes, market traders, corporate caterers offering ‘at home’ feasts, sports stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, giftshops and lots more. Many businesses are using as a pre-order service with food companies cooking/prepping to demand with zero waste– a huge benefit at this challenging time. All pre-order payments are in before they even start to prep.

The feedback across the region has been amazing with businesses describing it as a “game changer, a lifeline, simple to set up, and also simple for the customers which is hugely important for the business owners” has literally breathed life into businesses that were closed and now open and trading! A good news story from the lockdown.

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