It’s long been reported that tall people have it all.

Studies have consistently proven that tall folks earn more and are more likely to get promoted.

And now it’s been confirmed that they have better sex lives too.

Body Logic MD surveyed over 1,000 heterosexual men and women to explore height’s impact on self-perception, dating and work.


The majority of men (58.2 per cent) who said they were taller than their friends expressed satisfaction with their sex lives.

This is compared to 48.9 per cent of men who were the same height as their friends and 39.5 per cent who were shorter.

The results were similar for women – 58.3 per cent of women who were taller than their friends said they were satisfied with their sex lives.

In addition, male and female participants who said they were taller than their friends were more likely to consider themselves attractive.

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When asked how height influenced their attraction to a potential partner, half of the men surveyed said they preferred to date someone shorter, while a third expressed no preference.

Among women, however, feelings were far stronger – 78 per cent said they were most attracted to a taller partner.

Women said their ideal partner height was about 6 feet, whereas men felt 5 foot 6 inches was most attractive.

Interestingly, these measurements correspond almost exactly with the ideal heights men and women would select for themselves.