If you listen carefully, you can hear hearts shattering.


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Niall Horan has denied rumours that One Direction are getting back together.

With their 10 year anniversary looming in July, fans were certain a reunion was on the cards.

Speaking to Jamie Redknapp on “Redknapp’s Home Fixture“, the Slow Hands singer denied the rumours.

Host Jamie put the pressure on his guest saying;

“If it happens, it’s going to make lockdown worthwhile, it will cheer up the whole nation.”

However, the Mullingar man was giving nothing away.

He told Jamie;

“There was a bit of talk about it because in July it’s ten years since the band got together, so everyone was waiting to see if anything was going to happen…”

“We’ve been chatting about it, little bits and pieces that we can do, but nothing in terms of getting the band back together, so for now, no.”

Fans of the band were hopeful that they would get back together when Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis refollowed ex-bandmate Zayn Malik.

Zayn quit the band in 2015, shortly before they went on a “hiatus”.


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