So that’s it.  After eight seasons and 73 episodes fans have finally had to say goodbye to Game of Thrones. (Don’t worry we’re not giving any spoilers here!)

Game of Thrones

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The final ever episode of the hit show has not got the best reception, with many fans unhappy with how the storyline eventually played out.

In fact some people are so upset that they have decided the best thing to do is get a petition going to get season eight remade!

Game of Thrones


While we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen, we can look forward to a prequel which is apparently going to be set around 5,000 years before Game of Thrones got under way.

However according to one expert on the show we shouldn’t hold our breath for a spin off focusing on any of the characters from the original series.

Jamie East, who co-presents Thronecast, which analyses all the goings-on in the show, has told The Lift that he doesn’t believe any of the actors would want to commit to a spin off at this stage.

“Someone like Kit Harington or Emilia Clarke – all of their time is taken up by [Game of] Thrones and also they’re contracted never to have their hair cut, they’re contracted to never go and do another show with a dragon in it, all that kind of stuff.  So I would imagine that every single person involved in Thrones is now breathing a sigh of relief and just thinking ‘Oh my goodness, I can go on holiday during the summer now, I can get my hair cut, I can go and do another project.’  I would imagine if there’s the remote possibility that there is any sequel or follow-on for this, it would not be for decades.”

If you want to listen to Jamie’s full chat with Dave and Fionnuala here it is!