The teenager was found dead in the Malyasian jungle last month.

The funeral of Nora Quorin, who was found dead in the Malaysian jungle last month, has taken place in Belfast.

The 15-year-old went missing on the 4th of August from the Dusin resort while on holiday with her family.

She was found ten days later less than two miles from the resort, after hundreds of people joined in searches for the teenager.

This afternoon a funeral mass was held at St Brigid’s Church in South Belfast – where Nora was baptised, and close to where her mother Maebh grew up.

Fr O’Donnell, who officiated mass alongside Nóra’s granduncle Fr Pat Kelly, told mourners that Nóra was “gentle and innocent”.

“She, as we all know, depended greatly on others but, Nóra in turn, gifted others with immeasurable love and joy; before such an ability we can only feel gratitude. 

“Today we return to St Brigid’s united in the unspeakable pain of Nóra’s tragic death, united too in wordless sympathy for Nóra’s family.

“I ask myself, as surely you must do, ‘What is the meaning of this terrible pain that has been inflicted on Nóra’s family?’”

He continued: “We have, have we not, found ourselves wondering if God is good and has for us the love that no human love can match, why then is there such suffering in our world?

“We do not understand, and our stumbling words are so terribly inadequate.”