A 30 year old woman documenting her single life on Instagram has amassed thousands of followers.

Mary McCarthy is behind the hilarious Not Engaged account.

The New Yorker posts photos of her daily activities – including eating out on her own, going to weddings unaccompanied, and travelling solo – all the while flashing her bare, unwed left hand.

Her relatable posts have gained her almost 45,000 followers.

Mary told Good Morning America that she created the account due to the pressure on women to be married by a certain age:

“It’s basically how I’m living my life, and how I’m single and I have my own apartment and how single girls are doing just as fine as everybody else.”

“There’s so much on social media that you’re comparing yourselves to – especially marriage and how wonderful it is. I have nothing against marriage or relationships, that’s not the message at all. No matter how you’re choosing your life to go, you’re doing it for yourself and that’s all that matters.”