Clothes make the man, or so the old saying goes.

Well, it turns out there may be some truth in that quote as a study’s revealed we judge people by what they wear.

And not only that, fashion is a deal-breaker when it comes to looking for love.

Online dating platform Zoosk surveyed 6,646 of its members and analysed 34,579 profiles and found dressing up for a first date is a must.

A whopping 86% of singles said it’s important to dress nice. 60% of men think that a button-down shirt makes them feel sexy and confident, while 40% of women said that “all black everything” is the way to go.

And the biggest fashion faux pas on a first date? Wrinkled clothes.

66% of daters said wrinkled clothes is the biggest turn-off, followed by socks and sandals, Crocs and baggy clothes.

Tight clothes did’t fare too well either. 34% said super tight shirts are a big no-no.

Zoosk also discovered even mentioning fashion in your dating profile can get you more messages.

Singles with “stylish” in their profiles see a 134% increase in inbound messages. Other eye-catching words include “fashionable” (105%) and “trendy” (96%).

So, if you’re looking for love it may be time to invest in some new duds, or at least start ironing your clothes!