‘University of Galway’ is one of the potential names discussed for NUIG.

National University of Ireland Galway looks set to lose it’s 24-year-old name.

Representatives for the college have confirmed to the Irish Times that they’re moving on from the NUIG title.


Officials from the university say that ‘ambiguity’ and ‘poor name-recognition’ are some of the reasons for the change.

They say there’s a lot of confusion about whether their full title is NUIG or NUI Galway.

New names such as the University of Galway or Galway University are reportedly being discussed.

NUIG representatives want to choose a name that can be easily translated to Irish too.

In the past, the university has been called Queen’s College Galway and University College Galway.

Galway became an NUI partner under the Universities Act drawn up in 1997.

Colleges such as UCD and UCC continued to use their old names despite being under the NUI banner.

Maynooth University rebranded in 2014 despite its official name still being NUI Maynooth.