In this morning’s Oonaghversity, Oonagh was taking a closer look at pheromones in women and how they can pull!

There is now bulletproof evidence that the best way to pull is to break a sweat!

For animals, the release of pheromones is their form of communication. For humans, many experts suggest that it is a form of inducing attraction to the opposite sex

The science behind this as Oonagh explained is because sweating releases the largest amount of androstenol pheromone.

And believe it or not, this type of pheromone increases your sexual attraction and attracts men in an unconscious way.

Once a man detects the female pheromones, the chemicals will send signals to the man’s brain,
This subconsciously triggers the biological sexual response and stimulates sexual attraction.

However, the amount of pheromones released varies from woman to woman. This means you may have a noticeable pheromone output compared to the other women or vice versa. The question now is – can pheromones in women still be increased?

Exercise Regularly.

Once the toxins inside your body are removed, the smell of the pheromones becomes more noticeable.

Take A Bath
Take A Bath In Soap-less Hot Water.

Even Napoleon wrote  to Josephine and said “home in 3 days don’t wash” proves  there is indeed a sexiness to sweat  so ditch the deodorant ladies!