”Don’t be a single mom”.

Image via Twitter/@Rich_Cooper

Another day, another person causing global outrage on twitter… this time it was in the form of a man’s misogynistic list on how women can ‘keep a man’.

In just six simple steps, this guy manged to basically induce feelings of disgust and outrage from everyone who has read it.

In his viral tweet, he tells women about the “simple” things they can do to keep hold of their man.

“1. Learn how to cook amazing dishes.

“2. Be feminine (long hair, make-up, nails, etc).

“3. Don’t nag him over trivial things.

“4. Be debt free.

“5. Don’t be a single mom.

“6. Know how to please him in bed.”

Unsurprisingly more than 8,000 people have negatively commented on his tweet, with some branding him “sexist” and a “misogynist”.

One person replied: “You’re single, aren’t you?”

Another said: “Please tell me this is a joke. If not, congratulations, you win the price of ‘Prat of Twitter’.”

A third added: “How to spot a misogynist in these six steps.”

“How to keep a man in four steps,” wrote a different user.

“Get him good and drink, invite him down into the cellars for a nice vintage, entomb him there where only the walls can hear his screams, he belongs to you and the bricks now, forever.”

A second tweeted: “How to keep a woman in six simple steps.

“1. Don’t.

“2. Be.

“3. This.

“4. Guy.

“5. Right.

“6. Here.”

Sound advice that!