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Update! We have a last minute change.

In the rich and proud tradition of the 11th hour change… it seems we have an 11th hour change!

With everything all set to bring Sinead back home from Melbourne, Australia for Christmas…travel document drama struck.

Long story short, we needed to find a new paddy to return to Ireland to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

And this time, instead of looking south, we looked west and settled upon Siobhan Cutler from Tullamore, currently doing her thing in Canada.

Siobhan’s best friend Maggie nominated her long lost BFF for this amazing prize, and she’s dying to have a pint and catch up with herself over the festive break, as were sure are a ton of people in Tullamore.

Watch the emotional reveal here:

The real heroes.

Of course, Siobhan’s family reunion would not have been possible without The Paddy Box.


There’s nothing like a box of Irish goodness to brighten up someone’s Christmas who may be far far away from home.

Paddy box offers two new delivery options, the ‘Irish Breakfast Box’ & ‘The Christmas Box’. Perfect Christmas gifting.

Alongside our auld favourite ”Not before your dinner” box.  Just don’t tell Mammy!

Delivery with Paddy Box is 50% cheaper for customers because The Paddy Box bears up to 50% of the An Post/DHL delivery charge across every location worldwide.

Click HERE to find out more.

Fire up the WhatsApp group and round up the troops!

Did you know the Humpback Whale’s mating call can travel up to 10,000 miles in the ocean?

That’d be handy.

Just shout out and your mate on the other side of the world could just shout back.

It’d almost feel like they weren’t, you know, 10,000 miles away…

But unfortunately we don’t quite have the same vocal range as a Humpback whale.

Which is why we need your help.

We need to get an urgent message out to the prodigal sons and daughters of Ireland, those who’ve been living away from home for a while now so we can give them a true taste of home this Christmas.

How is this going to happen exactly?

Let us explain.

So we were chatting to our good pals at Paddy Box the other day, and we hatched a plan.

Basically we’re giving away 10-paddy boxes – every Irish ex-pat’s favourite taste of home – and ONE of those lucky winners will get to go one step further, and get a real genuine taste of home this Christmas.

Maybe they’re in the states trying to pretend they like baseball, or maybe they’re in Australia trying to pretend they aren’t petrified of every single animal and insect.

Canada, Jamaica, Turkey, Malaysia, New Zealand… it doesn’t matter where they are, we want to bring them home.

If you want to belt out Fairy tale of New York with your long lost mate this Christmas, then answer the questions below and let’s get them here!