Padraig Howley’s Instagram page details his new vegan lifestyle.


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Padraig Howley says his rise to social media fame has been “unbelievable” and “crazy.”

The Clare native says people from all around the world have been getting in touch with him since he launched his Instagram account “Sing and Step With Padraig.”

He is using the account to chart his journey adapting to a vegan lifestyle, attempting to do 10,000 steps a day, and having a bit of a singsong along the way!

Padraig and his daughter Tara have been chatting to iRadio in the Afternoon, and he has admitted that going vegan has forced him to be a lot more adventurous.

“I was never adventurous, for God’s sake. I was a real traditional person. I loved to have my fry in the morning.

“Then I might go all day without food, and then I’d have my dinner in the evening. And it could be bacon and cabbage, or it could be lamb chops and fried up potatoes, and carrots and parsnips and whatever goes with it.

“And here I am now, doing recipes that I can’t even pronounce the words.”

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Future plans

Padraig is continuing with his day job as a welder, and he also has a small farm.

However, what would he and Tara say to potential TV opportunities if they were to come knocking?

Tara says “100 per cent yes”, highlighting how her dad is actually a very talented actor, and has been in loads of plays.

Meanwhile Padraig says “you’d never know. I’ll make it to Hollywood yet!”