Would you pay that much for a parking space?

If you ever thought paying for parking in your area is expensive, at least it isn’t in Hong Kong.

A parking space in Hong Kong has sold a world record price of $1.3 million (€1.07 million).

Located in Mount Nicholson, a luxurious residential project the space was sold by Wharf Holdings Ltd. and Nan Fung Group.

It is still unknown who is the owner of the pricey parking space.

The price of the 134.5 square foot parking space means it is about $9,500 (€7804.49) per square foot.

The previous record world record for the most expensive parking spot was $969,000(€796057.72) for another space in Hong Kong in 2019.

According to Bloomberg, Hong Kong’s luxury home market has seen record-breaking transactions in recent years.

A luxury house in Hong Kong Island which overlooks the city, rented for a record $1.6 million a month in May.