A parrot in the North isn’t a fan of the US president.

Lucky Angel, who lives with his owner Marie McAleavey in Newry, claims Donald Trump is a w***er.

The African Grey Parrot is a politically aware bird and loves nothing more than a X-rated rant about Trump and Brexit.

Marie told the Mirror that she can’t stop Lucky Angel from launching into his foul-mouthed tirades:

“He just lets rip and you can’t stop him. He already knows about 500 words and he strings sentences together. The other day he said ‘no to Brexit’.”

“People have to be careful about what they say around him.”

Marie bought her pet two years ago and believe his previous owner, a young man, taught Lucky Angel how to swear.

“He called the vet a c***. The young fellow probably had him trained to say certain words.”

However, the vet wasn’t offended and was more impressed  with the bird’s vocabulary:

“She can’t get over how he can string the words into sentences. Parrots often just say words on their own.”

“In about a year he’ll be ready to read the news!”