“It’s Disney World for adults” is a phrase you often here from people who have spent a few nights in Las Vegas. That’s pretty accurate! Whether it’s the slots in the Bellagio, taking on some Blackjack at The Venetian, watching a huge fight at The MGM or getting hitched quick.. Vegas is guaranteed to get you partying (and probably losing a few bob!)

It can be a bit of a trek for us Irish, as we generally have to travel via New York or another US city, often meaning long layovers and a bit of a pain in the rear end.

NOW Aer Lingus have announced plans for a direct route from Dublin to Sin City!
According to the Irish Independent, they are initially planning it as a seasonal service. However CEO Stephen Kavanagh said it could be extended depending on how it performs.

“We can see from our own traffic data that for the Irish consumer Las Vegas is very attractive. We think there’s an opportunity around Las Vegas. Whether it’s year-round or just tactically in the winter months, that’s what we’re looking at.” he said.

We’ll have to wait until the Winter time until we’re able to start booking seats on this new service, but it’s certainly an exciting addition to the Aer Lingus schedule!

Source: Irish Independent