The Passport Office says there are just under 90,000 passport applications that have to be processed.


(Source: Flickr)

The head of the Passport office says the backlog of passport applications is going to be cleared in six to eight weeks.

It has been deemed an essential service and work is underway to scale up its operation.

Siobhan Byrne from the Passport Office says there are just under 90,000 applications on hand and they are going to be processed in the coming weeks:

“We would, at a peak of any other year, be processing about 100,000 passports in the busiest month of the year.  So we’re very well equipped with our process and our systems to manage high volumes of applications.

“Obviously there are still ongoing challenges with COVID and the amount of resources we can have onsite but we’re very confident that we’ll be able to clear the current backlog in six to eight weeks.”