When you give someone a lift in your car, does it take five minutes to clear the passenger seat?

It’s pretty normal to let things pile up in your motor, especially if you’re a commuter or parent.

Food wrappers, clothes and paperwork are par for the course for any driver.

But there comes a time when it looks like you might actually live in your car, so you have to grab the hoover or even take a trip to the valet.

Chances are though that you’ve never let your car get as filthy as one motorist in the UK.

Thames Valley Police fined and gave penalty points to a driver for having rubbish on the floor of their van.

Officers spotted the mess when they stopped the vehicle on Monday, and said it was so bad it was dangerous.

They shared a photo online, which shows mountains of fast food packaging under the pedals.

They captioned the image:

“Stopped this in Marlow today. A tidy cab = A tidy mind. This was so bad it was dangerous, rubbish under floor pedals.

“Points on licence & fine. Driver was arrested for an unconnected matter.”