The hit cartoon has been targeted by censors.

Around 30,000 Peppa Pig videos have been removed from a popular video site in China.

The Peppa Pig hashtag is no longer available on Douyin.


The Global Times reports the cartoon has been targeted due to its association with “subversive” Chinese youth and counterculture.

Peppa Pig is a favourite with families and young children in China, who use it to improve their English, but it’s been the subject of many controversies.

In November 2017, there were reports of children in China becoming addicted to Peppa Pig.

There were also discussions about whether the cartoon was good material for early childhood education, as parents in the country said their pre-school children began oinking and jumping into puddles after watching it.


The character has now become an unlikely icon of “shehuiren” subculture. Shehuiren means a group of “unruly slackers” who hold “anti-establishment views” and “gangster” attitudes.

Peppa Pig joins a list of banned content on Douyin, which includes nudity, men dressing as women, displays of firearms and cult preachings.