”We are delighted to be able to drop our prices.”

Applegreen is dropping its fuel prices by up to 10 cents per litre.

The company says the move follows a sharp drop in the price of crude oil.

The aggregate average is eights cents per litre around the country.

It means the average price at Applegreen forecourts is now 132.2 cents per litre for petrol and 122.1 cents per litre for diesel.

”The recent fall in the crude oil price has now come through the supply chain and we are delighted to be able to drop our prices by up to a further 10c,” Applegreen Ireland managing director Daire Nolan said.

”We are acutely aware of the heightened and unprecedented times all of us here in Ireland find ourselves in at the moment and we want to support our communities by leading a price drop across the entire country.”

The price of crude oil has fallen from a high of $68.91 (€61.54) per barrel on January 6 to $33.22 (€29.67) on Thursday.