No excuse not to get a round in!

In what is perhaps the most monumental leap forward in human progression of recent times, Irish people who are overseas can now buy a pint for their mates on a night out in Galway.

Amazing, we know.
It’s all down to an ingenious new app developed by Bar 1520 in Galway City and Booniverse.
The ‘Buy a Pal a Pint’ feature which is found in the Galway app, literally allows people who are overseas or out of town to buy a pint for their friends in real time while they’re having a drink in Bar 1520.
It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting on a sunny beach in Oz, skiing in Canada or their stuck at their relatives house in Cork … they can still get their round in and contribute to the festive vibes.
Here’s how it works:
  • Download the Galway App and select the buy a pint for a pal feature.
  • Enter the name of the person you’re buying a pint for.
  • Pay for the drink.
  • The recipient of the drink will get sent a code.
  • The staff at Bar 1520 will then happily scan that code and boom! That’s it.
The sound crew at Bar 1520 even went to the trouble of preparing this helpful little video demonstrating how east the app is to use:


Easy as 123! Better tell that overseas mate of your the good news that they have no excuse not to buy a round!