“I think we have an officer-involved shooting.”

A news reporter got a shock when a police shoutout broke out behind him during a live report.

Jeff McAdam from FOX 5 San Diego was reporting about Comic-Con when he heard shots being fired behind him.

Calmly Jeff continued with the report while glancing towards the gunfire.

In the video Jeff is seen saying:

“There’s something going on here in the distance.

“I think we have an officer-involved shooting.”

 “There’s a shooting going on right now between an officer and a car that he had just pulled over.

“Forgive us for getting out of the story that we were covering, we don’t know a lot about what’s going on right now or how much we want to cover it, given that we don’t know the details.”

Jeff then confirms to the station team that they are a safe distance from the altercation.

He said:

“We’re a block away here, just on the other side of the convention centre.

“We saw this officer pull over the car about two minutes before our live hit.

“We are a safe distance away and we’re gonna kind of stay back as much as we possibly can… We did see an officers back pedalling as he fired off a couple of shots and retreated.

“We can see him standing about 80 feet behind his patrol car right now, and we don’t know where the suspect might be, so Phil we are going to send it back to you so we can get a safe distance away, seeing as how we don’t know where this potential suspect might be.”

According to Ladbible, neither the gunman nor the officer were injured in the shootout.

However, a bystander was hit in the bum by a stray bullet; Luckily, his glasses case in his back pocket took the hit.