A Fianna Fáil TD’s calling for members of his own party to resign for their involvement in a polling controversy.

Fianna Fáil last night admitted party activists posed as market researchers to carry out polling, prior to 2007.

Sinn Féin and Fine Gael have both admitted to a similar practice – but say it has also ended.

The Greens are the latest party to admit doing it but say they were isolated incidences.

Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry says his own party needs to take immediate action against its members.

Yesterday, Sinn Féin defended using a fake company to conduct local polling of voters.

The party told members to pretend to be from a made up polling organisation when carrying out research ahead of elections.

Members were told to say they were from the Irish Market Research Agency when carrying out door-to-door polling of voter intentions in a policy document from headquarters.

They carried fake ID badges claiming to be from the self-described independent company, which in fact doesn’t exist.

Sinn Féin TD Eoin O’Broin has denied the practice was deception.

The party says the document outlining this practice is now years old, and it mostly uses professional polling companies now.