The Central Applications Office has released figures showing which college courses are in high demand this year.



It looks like more and more students want to study STEM at third-level.

The CAO says there has been a rise in the number of students applying to study science, technology, engineering and maths courses.

It also reports an increase in the numbers looking to pursue language courses and subjects with an environmental focus, while humanities courses seem to be popular as well.

However law and primary school teaching are down since the original closing date for applications in February.

These latest figures follow the closing of the CAO’s change of mind deadline last week.

Gemma Lawlor, who’s a counsellor at Tyndall College in Co. Carlow, has welcomed the rise in popularity of STEM courses:

“It is very important that people do choose STEM subjects because these are the areas that Ireland has quite a good reputation internationally in.  A lot of the global players come to Ireland looking for people with those qualifications at third-level so it’s important that we continue to increase our capacity there, at third-level.”

This year the first round of CAO offers is due to be released on August 16th, following the release of the Leaving Certificate results on the 13th.