Oonagh For The Áras

AO Show presenter and proud Kerry woman Oonagh O’Carroll is making an unofficial bid for the Aras and she needs your help!

What’s in it for me?

We have a fabulous overnight stay for two people in Galway up for grabs as a *prize ( *cough – backhander)  in exchange for your help!

How do I enter ?

Step 1: Print off the campaign poster below and stick it up on your shop/house/car window.

Step 2: Take a picture and  whatsapp it with your name and details to 087 1102 107

You can also email your photo and details to;  [email protected]






Why is Oonagh O’Carroll running for President?

Oonagh is on a quest to see if she can win the hearts and minds of the Irish voters and bring about hope, change and glory representing a new modern Ireland. Ha ha, we’re just kidding! Oonagh is really in it for the perks, backhanders and to land one of the cushiest gigs going! Wouldn’t you?!!



Luke in Louisberg, Co. Mayo is supporting Oonagh’s unofficial bid and is proudly sporting her campaign poster on the side of a tractor.