People queue for a much needed trim. PIcture: Twitter/GraftonBarber

Phase three easing of restrictions kicks in today.

People have been queuing up for midnight haircuts at some barbers and hairdressers, as coronavirus lockdown measures ease.

Grafton Barber, which has 46 locations across the country, opened it’s doors at one minute past midnight, as people stood in line from midnight to get a long-awaited haircut.

Along with the reopening of hairdressors and barbers, pubs, bars and restaurants are now allowed to re-open, but only for customers having food, and they’re limited to 105 minutes at tables.

Many hotels, museums, cinemas and childcare facilities are re-opening too.

Meanwhile face coverings are now mandatory on public transport, despite laws to enforce it still being finalised.

CEO of the National Transport Authority, Anne Graham, says capacity on buses, trams and trains is also increasing from today.

”So it’s up to 50% on all of our transport right across the country and that would allow for some additional space for people to travel”, she said.

”However it’s still not 100% so we do still require some people where they can to work from home.

”And if they do still need to travel that they would consider walking and cycling if their journeys are short”.