Looks nice.

And no, it’s not our island. 

Ever had a holiday ruined by an rude weather pattern? It’s quite deflating. 

Well ignorant rain clouds are something you never have to worry about on vacation again! Just as long as you go to this specific island off the coast of Italy for every single holiday for the rest of your life…

The Italian island of Elba, just off the coast of Tuscany, is a stunning, relaxed secluded spot with some beautiful beaches, gorgeous architecture, and delicious food.

It was even home to one of the most famous Europeans of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte, who spent his exile there when he was kicked out of France between 1814 and 1815.

And now it’s making headlines again in 2019 with its Elba No Rain” promotion – Basically, anyone who takes a vacation on Elba can get a refund for their hotel stay if there’s too much rain while they’re there.

According to Lonely Planet, the island has launched an initiative to combat weather-related vacation disasters, an idea we can totally get behind. 

How much rain is “too much rain”? If you get more than 2 hours of a downpour during the day, between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time – you’re getting money back. 

Now not all hotels on the island are adopting this policy, but a good few are and participating ones can be found on the initiative’s website (which is in Italian, so get google translate fired up).

While we’re all for this ‘too much rain, money back’ thing, hotels around Ireland are probably better off looking the other way on this one….for obvious reasons.