They say the rats are “the size of shovels”.

People in a Louth housing estate say people coming to visit them are afraid to leave their cars because of a rat infestation.

Residents want something done about the rodents in Tredagh View in Drogheda, which they say are “the size of shovels”.

Around 100 have been caught since February,  with fears that it may cause health problems.

Local resident Jenny Fagan says the problem has got out of control:

”It’s just ridiculous now at this stage, we can’t let our children out to play”, she said.

”They’re coming up the front drains in front of our houses in the middle of the day.

”People are afraid to get out of their cars when they come to visit us, one of them into a car engine and then when the car was driven it just ran across the street towards the kids playing.

”It’s horrible, we can’t let them out to play”.