“I don’t think there’s ever a good time to be suffering from mental health issues”

With everything that’s been happening in our little country, it becomes so easy to get caught up in what seems sometimes to be a constant stream of negativity.

During these crazy times, it’s often to forget the silent struggles others go through every day.


Conor Hayes has created this video – ‘Reach Out’.

Inspired by a recent conversation with a friend, the video documents what it’s like suffering from mental health difficulties at a time like this.

Have a look:

“Covid-19 has effected everyone, some more serious then others. At times like this we need to look out for each other.”

If you need help, it’s out there. Just reach out.

Alone – alone.ie

Samaritans – samaritans.org/?nation=ireland

Aware – www.aware.ie

Pieta House – pieta.ie