Image: Twitter.

This is so smooth.

There’s no shortage of hilarious moments during news broadcasts…

Do we even need to mention Teresa Manion? Accidental swearing, car crashes drunk people making fools of themselves…we’ve seen it all!

But Darla Miles, who works for ABC 7 in the USA has finally won one back for the reporters.

She was reporting outside of the New York City’s Port Authority about an accident in New Jersey when her piece to the camera almost had an uninvited guest.

An older gentleman wandered into the shot but Miles managed to effortlessly stop him with just her arm and she didn’t even have to break her sentence.

How smooth was that? Rumour has it that man is still standing in that same spot, completely stunned.

In just a handful of days, the clip has been viewed more than 3.6 million times on Twitter and people are loving it. 

Even Dara herself has responded to her viral fame.