The potential damage caused by isolating young children from their friends has been acknowledged.

The damage isolating children from their friends can cause has been acknowledged by a member of the National Public Health Emergency Team.

NPHET will consider easing Covid-19 restrictions for children when it meets this morning (Friday) at around 10am.

The rate of coronavirus transmission among those under 18 has been low.

The HSE’s chief clinical officer, Dr Colm Henry, says NPHET is aware of the long-term impact of social isolation.

”I’m very aware of a doctor and a parent of how damaging this can be in terms of the disruption of healthcare services”, he said.

”And in the costing of friends in my role as a parent, so we’re very aware of this, and every country is struggling with this.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn, said they are always looking at ways to ease restrictions wherever possible.

”Of course if there’s an opportunity to do something at an earlier stage we will consider that, it’s not a rigid fixed document”, he said.

”What we’ve set out is our best estimate from a couple of weeks ago based on the evidence that was available at that point”.

”However I’ve not seen anything in particular that would lead m to believe that we’ve marked a change from the general direction of that road map”.