Bring on July 20th.

One business genre that has been hammered by the current closures is the beauty business.

We can safely say that salons are badly missed by people all over the country as we all struggle to dye our own lashes and tear strips off ourselves trying to wax at home.

Whilst reopening is anticipated, from the perspective of those that run aesthetics clinics there has been the huge financial loss from being shut.

Also, owners face further hurdles as they now must readjust their offering to meet public and staff safety requirements alongside other internal changes required to reopen.

A team of experts rounded up by Future Beauty are on hand to help.

The ‘Back to the Future’ team each offer a unique set of skills, including corporate law, health and safety, PR, HR, and finance to help reboot businesses, post-Covid-19.

They are launching a roadmap setting out clear steps and practical measures for aesthetic businesses to consider implementing to safely get back up and running in the new landscape.

They will be running online masterclasses and offering complimentary consultations for tailored advice to businesses by phone, Zoom or in person.

Some of the topics covered will be the following:

  • Implementing the highest standard health & safety adjustments & policies
  • Advice on reinstating employees, revising contracts, or HR matters
  • PR and communications strategies to reconnect with current and new customers
  • Understanding legal obligations and duties as directors & business owners
  • Sourcing PPE equipment for staff, clients and premises
  • Financial restructuring and banking initiatives for clinics/businesses

For more info email to get your beauty business back on track email [email protected]