We could all do with one of these bad boys…

Long hours sitting at a desk at the home office haven’t exactly been doing our posture any favours.

One man from Chile has come up with an interesting way to keep his slouching in check while he’s sitting at the computer.

Ionel Pop has built a robot that uses infrared cameras to monitor the position of his body.

When he starts to slouch – BAM – a solid wooden arm smacks down right onto the crown of his head.

Not enough to give him a concussion (we hope), but certainly enough to be down right annoying.

Ionel wasn’t content with causing himself physical pain though, and so he built the robot to verbally abuse him while he’s being smacked.

The robot says things like “F**king damnit!”, “You know, I’m getting tired of monitoring your posture.”, and  “I am going to beat the sh*t out of you until you can sit properly.”

How effective is the invention? Hard to say.

Besides, a recent study has shown that slouching isn’t actually that bad for you.