Royals and celebrities will be out in force in London tomorrow for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

The world’s media will be covering the ceremony at Windsor Castle, and the guests are sure to be on their best behaviour as there’s some strict (and bizarre!) rules in place.


No phones or selfies

Guests have reportedly been asked to leave their phones at home, as they won’t be allowed inside the church. Selfies are also a big no-no.

No open-toed shoes

Strangely, toes are a big faux pas when it comes to royal events. Guests are being asked to keep theirs under wraps and wear closed shoes.

Low-heeled shoes are recommended as the Queen is apparently not a fan of skyscraper stilettos. She doesn’t like wedges either. Doesn’t leave much choice, eh?!

Ladies must wear nude tights

Tomorrow’s meant to be a warm day in London but female guests are being asked to wear nude tights if baring their legs.

Dress modestly

Men have to wear “morning dress”, which includes a waistcoat, jacket, and a tie in black or grey.

Women have to keep their arms covered and their skirts should be at least knee-length. However, they’re not permitted to wear floor-length dresses.


You must wear a hat in the church

Female guests must wear a hat at all times during the wedding ceremony.

Use the toilet between 9am and 11am

Guests are advised to go to the loo before they get to the venue, as there will be limited facilities available.

Never leave before The Queen

Guests can’t leave the church until the Queen does. They also have to finish eating as soon as she’s done.


Doesn’t sound like much craic, lads!