The documentary will air  on Thursday, July 19th, at 10.35pm.


Photo l-r Blane McIlroy, Stuart Olding, Paddy Jackson, Rory Harrison.


RTE has confirmed they will be airing a documentary about the Belfast rape trial later this week.

The documentary Acquitted: The Rugby Rape Trial will take an in-depth look into the trial of Irish rugby stars Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson as well as Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison.

Earlier this year, the nine week high profile trial gripped the public and there was widespread disbelief  when all four men were found not guilty.

The backlash against the verdict prompted a series of ‘I Believe Her’ marches and demonstrations to highlight the issue of consent. 

Both Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were dropped by the IRFU in the wake of the trial.