We’ve all been there…

There’s just something about standing in the aisle of a plane waiting to disembark.

Whether you’ve been sitting next to someone who has no concept of personal space for the last three hours… The people behind you seemingly have no concept of volume control… Or you just don’t enjoy being sat in a canister hurling through the sky… Your feet are just itching to get on that tarmac.

So, when things were taking a while to disembark from a flight from the UK to Spain, one Ryanair passenger took matters into his own hands.

Fed up with waiting, he decided opening the emergency exit door and making his way off the plane via the wing was a more attractive option…

A good plan in theory, but he forgot to account for one thing.

A plane’s wing isn’t exactly close to the ground. In fact it’s quite high.

As he found out.

In calamitous scenes, the man sat on the wing for some time before being ushered back inside.


Ironically his stunt only further delayed his exit from the plane…

The moral of the story? Sometimes you just have to wait.