The airline has scheduled a thousand flights for July.

Ryanair says it expects to carry 4.5 million passengers this month as it resumes flights across Europe.

The airline has scheduled a thousand flights for July, and has doubled services at Dublin Airport.

Health officials have asked people to cancel their holidays abroad this summer, over fears of a spike in coronavirus cases.

Eve from Dublin is going to Lanzarote today – and hasn’t been put off travelling:

Government ‘green list’.

Meanehile, the government is warning of the dangers of a second wave of Covid-19 cases due to international travel.

Plans are being finalised for some form of foreign travel to be introduced later this month.

A ‘green list’ of countries is being put together – where the 14-day quarantine rule wouldn’t apply to.

But government official Liz Canavan is reiterating the government’s warning about international travel.

”This week alone, we have reported at least six cases of COVID-19 associated with international travel”, she said.

”During this phase, government advice is still to avoid non-essential travel. As I said already, we have largely suppressed the spread of the virus in the community in Ireland. And this is a major achievement.

”It’s important to remember the early days of this pandemic and that our early cases in Ireland were associated with international travel”.