Ireland’s young climate activists are demanding action.

School students across the country are to strike today over climate change.

Thousands of students will attend protests, coinciding with a global protest in at least 82 countries.

The action was sparked by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who staged a strike outside the Swedish parliament last year.

The protests here are mainly being organised by two groups – Fridays For Future Ireland and School Strikes 4 Climate.

Many parents are helping to coordinate protests and some schools are allowing attendance at events.

Louise from The Hub spoke to Theo Cullen-Mouze, a 16 year old student from Clare Island and a member of School Strikes 4 Climate Ireland.

He explained what they want to achieve:

“We’re seeking to both raise awareness about climate change, which we feel is the single biggest issue facing humanity at the present time, and we also intend to force politicians and policy makers to take notice and to start treating this crisis as a crisis and to put forward real meaningful action.

“The locations of all the strikes are available on the School Strikes 4 Climate website. There’s going to be protests in at least 13 different locations around the country. Dublin and Cork will be the two largest but there’s going to be a number of other protests in places like Donegal and Kerry.”

You can listen to the full interview below.